Public Policy

What is Public Policy

Public policy is the government’s attempt to address a public issue.

Our Approach

We strongly believe that public policies should truly serve public interest. They should be designed and implemented by true professionals, who can understand the complexities that most of these policies entail and can ensure that public interest will always trump private one. Moreover, we believe all major public policies should benefit from genuine consultations with the key stakeholders. At GRASP, we are aiming to improve public policies in Romania by analyzing them in a professional manner, recommending solutions and innovations in a constructive way and conducting advocacy campaigns to ensure our recommendations are heard and implemented.


Our desire is to improve public policies in Romania, by leveraging our global expertise and making use of best practices from across the world. Whether increasing access to voting for Romanians abroad or improving the quality of higher education in Romania through mentoring and professional services to students, we are confident we can have this positive impact.

Get involved

You can get involved in one of our projects on both the research and the advocacy side, through which we aim to educate the public about certain key aspects of major public policies, to advocate for these aspects to be implemented and to bring about positive change as a result.

Sketch - Take the survey here What is Sketch? Welcome to the GRASP “Diaspora Sketch” survey – a descriptive statistical assessment of the Romanian community in the United States – an anonymous survey aiming to provide a profile of the Romanian professional, educational and economic characteristics abroad. This project is supported by ‘Alianța’ ( If extended, Sketch would represent the first of […]
Diaspora Votes - It is a long-term campaign advocating for the introduction of electronic vote for Diaspora. A team of researchers and consultants from Babes-Bolyai University Cluj, Yale University, Central European University and Boston University researched and analysed other success models of countries which adopted the electronic voted and made a public policy proposal document for Romania. Consequently, they completed a public policy […]
ARCADIA - A newly established professional association, which aims to create a network of policy makers, scholars, activists with expertise in development and Romania relations with the developing countries. Founded in 2008 as a working group of the Global Romanian Students and Young Professionals Society (GRSPSociety), ARCADIA was established as a separate legal entity in 2010, becoming a spin-off from GRASP. For further […]


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