Knowledge Transfer

What is knowledge transfer

Transfer of knowledge refers to the flow and exchange of knowledge to and from Romania in which our members are involved on a daily basis in order to make Romania a more developed and modern country.

Our approach

We strongly believe the precious expertise, education and experience our members have acquired abroad can and should be shared with and transferred to Romania in an effort to contribute to Romania's development and modernization. Moreover, we see transfer of knowledge as an excellent way to connect Romania to the outside world and to play our part in putting Romania on the map. Our members are amazing representatives - true ambassadors indeed - of our country and anyone who meets or interacts with them will realize that Romania is so much more than the stereotypes often promoted in the international media.


We accomplish this through our projects, such as Mentorship for Success, Access2Education and YoungDiplo, which provide Romanian students and young professionals with access to mentors and information instrumental in helping them achieve their academic and professional goals.

Get involved

If your educational and/or professional background and interests lie in education and research, public policy and public administration, business and finance, culture and arts, international migration, international development and cooperation, healthcare and medical research, environment, democracy and participation and Romania’s image abroad, join us in one of our projects.

Career for a Day - Career for a Day is a programme dedicated to Romanian high school students which aims to create a career counselling platform providing support for the choice of  future studies and career paths. Taking place on a yearly basis, during the week dedicated to non-formal education (Different School Week), the programme complements formal education by facilitating the connection between Romanian high school […]
Connector - We aim to implement a software application in order to ease the team work, communication, collaboration and access to information through GRASP and its community. So far, we managed to obtain an online platform dedicated to NGOs from Attlasian, develop the platform and test it, and currently we run the beta version of it. Stay tuned for news!
Start-up Your Idea - It is our bespoke three-day intensive program for wannabe entrepreneurs who intend to advance from idea to active business. It is the perfect occasion for 15 entrepreneurs that we select to learn about the challenges of being their own boss, how to write a successful business plan and pitch an idea to get funding to venture capitalists and many more. The […]
Mentorship For Success - Mentorship for Success is a program that provides young talented Romanians with support to grasp a successful career and to access different resources on studies and career opportunities in Romania or abroad. The knowledge transfer and expertise between mentor and mentee helps the next generation of leaders to promote Romania’s interests globally. The program complements formal education by creating connections between […]
Mentori pentru Excelenta - “Mentori pentru Excelenta” (MpE) is a GRASP project aimed at Romanian high school students looking to study abroad. The initiative’s objective is to connect talented individuals with Romanian mentors studying at top tier universities across the world. By means of the MpE platform college students, acting as mentors, will guide and shape the application process of their younger peers and […]


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