Diaspora Votes

It is a long-term campaign advocating for the introduction of electronic vote for Diaspora. A team of researchers and consultants from Babes-Bolyai University Cluj, Yale University, Central European University and Boston University researched and analysed other success models of countries which adopted the electronic voted and made a public policy proposal document for Romania. Consequently, they completed a public policy proposal document with a focus on Romania. The recommendations were presented in the Romanian Senate in November 2010 in front of an audience made of government representatives, non-profit organisations and the media. The next stage of the project consists of an advocacy campaign aimed at influencing current legislation regarding voting procedures for Romanian Diaspora.

Considering the actual context of updating the electoral legislation, we are insisting to promote the introduction of the electronic vote for the Romanians living abroad, as our researches and consultants are trying to prove this as the best and sustainable solution. 

If you are willing to find out more details or want to partner in implementing our proposals, please write us here


Media Resources and references:

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