Active Citizenship

What is active citizenship

Active citizenship refers to our responsibility as individuals towards society and the environment.

Our approach

We are convinced that positive change can be implemented through a bottom-up approach, with a solid, concerted grassroots effort, in which each and every citizen adopts a proactive, constructive and responsible attitude vis-a-vis the main issues that society faces. There are so many things that people can do themselves in order to positively impact their environment, their lives and the lives of those around them. If each of us spent less time and energy whining about what we don't like or what doesn't work well in Romania and use that time and energy to actually do something about these problems, we would be in a fundamentally better position today.


GRASP supports active citizenship by serving as a prime example of a volunteer-powered organization. Through our projects, we are demonstrating how much can actually be achieved when people focus on the solution instead of the problem, when people think beyond themselves and when people actually care!

Get involved

You can get involved by volunteering for one of our events, by joining one of our project teams or by starting a new project.

Project Romania 2020 - The annual conference is our signature event. Each year we move on to a different location and pick a theme for debate. After two days of intensive debates, panels and keynote speeches we identify a problem in a specific sector in Romania and we put together teams of researchers and experts to look into it and find a solution. The […]
Dear Romania, Write our Future - Since the mid 2011 GRASP started a joint venture with Dear World: Write our future and developed in Romania the project called Dear Romania: Write our future. The project is a call to action to the Romanians who live in the most diverse communities around the country and across the Globe to voice their positive thoughts and empowering ideas. By […]


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