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YoungDiplo is a complete educational program for freshmen and sophomores in college in Romania, passionate about international relations (IR). The program proposes an alternative to the current curriculum in IR offered by universities in Romania, combining theory with practice. YoungDiplo is designed by doctoral candidates from Oxford University and involves the participation of professionals from top universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown and London School of Economics.

From the outset the program distinguishes itself  as a pioneering initiative  benefiting the students in Romania, thus shrinking the knowledge gap between college  students in international relations in Romania and their peers in competitive universities abroad. Starting with a summer school and rounding up with guaranteed paid internships and one-on-one tutoring sessions for twenty students, YoungDiplo is the single initiative of its type that challenges the current academic system in Romania to break beyond the comfortable edge and compete with reputable IR programs at a global level.

The design and implementation of such an endeavor  requires sustained efforts and funding. Raiffeisen Bank Communities Initiative jumped in and  selected YoungDiplo in the final round for a grant of 5000Euros seed money to kick start the program. However, since no money  comes easy, we need to do our part and show the the world we really care about the future of education in Romania and about the future role-models in foreign service.

Twenty YoungDiplos can one day become Romania’s representatives in decision making positions internationally, and they’d better do it with responsibility and knowledge to make us proud and competitive.

To help these YoungDiplos get the education they deserve, YOU can HELP by VOTING through September 30th,2011. Thank you!

  1. [box] Go to Raiffeisen Communities Website [/box]
  2. [box] Sign up on Raiffeisen Communities and check your email address to validate the account.[/box]
  3. [box] VOTE: go to NGO sector, click Bucharest on the map or drop down menu, select the category Education, YoungDiplo project![/box]

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