Rebranding Story

We’ve started our soul searching journey almost two years ago after getting constructive criticism post Project Romania 2020 conference in Boston 2009, regarding our impossible to rembember name, GRSPSociety. We tried to ignore them for a while, but the comments kept coming and people mispronounced (if ever at all) the name frequently. We addressed the problem more in depth during a coaching session with Dan Mocanu and a few attentands at the conference in Bucharest 2010. We made a first step in defining our mission, vision and values, but still… the name…

We brainstormed in the COM team and came up with a shortlist of five variations:

(Global Romanian Team(GRL), Global Romanian Society(GRS), Global, Young Romanians Society (YourSociety), Global Romanian Students’ and Young Professionals Scociety(GRSPSociety) and Global Romanian Society of Young Professionals  (GRASP)). We put them all in a Survey Monkey and sent them out to internal groups, facebook users, partners, shareholders and members of the advisory board. After the first round of surveys we’ve received 136 responses from our Facebook users, 30 internal opinions 11 replies from partners and 6 respnses from the advisory board. 178 people participated in our first round of polling. GRASP was a clear winner with 36% of the votes follwed by YourSociety with 20% and GRSPSociety with 18%. We were not convinced and we made a second round between GRASP and YourSociety. The win was obvious 75% for GRASP and 25% for YourSociety.

The voice of the people was asking for GRASP and we even received logo proposals from a random facebook user.

The numbers have spoken, but the e-board was hardly letting go. There were three years of GRSPSociety behind, that touched the emotional nerve of some. GRSPSociety grew with them and was almost a chip in their memory and a name only they could remember. After seeking professional advice on rebranding to professors at Boston Universty College of Communication (Thank you Prof. Steve Quigley, Cheryl Lambert and Michael Elasmar) and account supervisors at Weber Shandwick in Boston, the COM team had yet another argument in favour. Still, it took a lot of persuasion and ability to convince the e-board that the change was for the better. We asked them to take their chances and they did. So here we are, the same team of creative, intelligent, passionate, original and different people from GRSPSociety, now GRASP.

This rebranding process challeged us as a team and brought us closer together. The vibe around  the new brand is good and confirmed us that GRASP, is above all, an attitude of the change makers, trailblazers and opinion leaders.What do you think?


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