Project Romania 2020

The annual conference is our signature event. Each year we move on to a different location and pick a theme for debate. After two days of intensive debates, panels and keynote speeches we identify a problem in a specific sector in Romania and we put together teams of researchers and experts to look into it and find a solution. The fourth annual conference will take place in Amsterdam and marks a milestone for us( it’s like graduating from college). This year’s theme revolves around active citizenship and community organizing.

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Previous editions were held in:  

  • Budapest, 2008 themed « Romania – at the landmark between national and international contexts »
  • Boston, 2009 themed « What Can We Do for Romania in the Next Ten Years »    
  • Bucharest, 2010 themed « Why education matters? »
  • Amsterdam, 2011 themed « Because we care. The role of civic involvement in the Romanian’s development »
  • London, 2012 themed « Public policies during crisis »
  • Paris, 2013 themed « Entrepreneurship beyond borders »
  • Copenhaga, 2014 themed « Communities for success »
  • Cluj-Napoca, 2015 themed « Youth involvement in the development of Romania. Harnessing diversity through multiculturalism. Knowledge transfer »
  • London, 2017 themed « The Impact of Brexit on the Romanian Community in the UK and on Romania »
  • London, 2018 themed « The impact of political and technological change on Romania and its diaspora »
  • Barcelona 2019 themed « The impact of migration on globalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Romania »

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