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Some of us in the COM team have never met Marc, but we’ve connected through his art.We think of our new symbol as artwork, not a mere corporate identity. Marc Roman is a Dutch freelance graphic designer who accidentally heard of GRSPSociety, now GRASP, through a common friend. He took the challenge to transform the dusty, slightly nationalistic look (not feel) of the late logo. We’ve given him some directions about what we imagined we wanted GRASP to become and asked him to express it graphically – network of diverse people bla, bla, bla. In February 2011 he came up with the first proposals and blew us away. He thought of GRASP as a group of diverse people working together towards the same goal. That was it! we were sold on the idea and worked on some variations and got to the clean cut version we have today.

The colors are not ramdomly chosen – if you take a closer look you’ll see three perfectly parallel vertical lines in dark blue, yellow and red, representing Romania and the three pillars of our work. Dark blue for public policy, yellow for transfer of knowledge and red for active citizenship. The colors are recurrent in our facebook landing page delimitating graphically the three pillars making it easyer for you to place the projects in categories. The three color are also the colors of the Romanian flag suggesting discreetly our identity as Romanians in a diverse global world – the other colors in the swirl.

The rest of the colors in the logo symbol depict a modern diverse Romania and and invitation to cohesion and collaboration for diverse Romainans across the globe that work together towards a common scope that is GRASP = giving back  = paying forward.

We’re very happy with the artwork represeting our identity, needless to say we’re overwhelemed by Marc’s commitment to the project and his availability to offer his services pro-bono. We highly recommend Marc and you can see samples of his work at www.conceived.nl.


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