Dear Romania, Write our Future

Since the mid 2011 GRASP started a joint venture with Dear World: Write our future and developed in Romania the project called Dear Romania: Write our future. The project is a call to action to the Romanians who live in the most diverse communities around the country and across the Globe to voice their positive thoughts and empowering ideas.

By now, the project developed more than 30 photo shooting sessions within the country and across the European Union, involving more than 1000 participants of all ages and from various domains.

One of the project aims is to stimulate community involvement and to remind citizens they have a voice in addressing societal problems. It is important to raise people awareness that they can impact society and other people’s lives. Yet, one of the biggest challenges they face is the fact that they do not have enough or do not know of informal instruments to facilitate their inspirational thoughts to be heard. Through Dear Romania: Write our future, not only we offer them such an informal instrument, but also we involve them in a community of individuals who impacts Romania and furthermore the World, by sharing their positive thoughts ready to empower an entire society.

Another purpose of the project is to bring together young professionals, civil society activists and individuals to sustain causes which promote the development of a common sense for a European and democratic Romania, along with practical examples of living together.

Throughout all these we are working together to promote a growing community of individuals who positively change their world by taking the first steps in developing a better, united and values oriented society.

If you want to partner and organize a photo session, please write here.

To discover more about the project please check the following link.


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