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You will broaden your perspectives, sharpen your analytical skills and exercise your debating abilities that will be the foundation of your success – be it when transitioning from an academic program to a real world setting or changing careers paths.
Whether you join us as an intern in a specific project, active volunteer or member of the executive board, the moment you meet your team, your experience will begin changing and unfolding before your eyes – and we believe this is a challenging moment, but it’s a benefit that will pay off in the long run, making you a stronger candidate for any job you’ll chose to pursue. Your colleagues and mentors will also play an important role in shaping your career direction, helping you to make new connections and introducing you to new challenges.
There are numerous opportunities for you to take leadership roles in our established local chapters or start a local chapter in your city. We put emphasis on drawing together teams across geographies, through the wonders of technology, to deliver timely, relevant results for Romania.
The opportunities for career development, personal growth and social change are infinite as long as you amaze us with your creativity, initiative and passion. From your first day with us you will be working in an unconventional setting and you’ll learn to coordinate and prioritize. You’ll be building networks and relationships with both internal and external constituencies and interact with GRASP’s senior leadership one on one.


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