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Our Executive Team is made of a diverse pool of Romanian young professionals from the non-profit, public and private sectors in Romania, Europe and North America.



Anca Ghinea color



Anca is part of GRASP Board since 2011, initially in charge of the development of relationships with corporate partners evolving in 2013 to the position of Executive Director and VP External Relations. Since January 2014 she is GRASP President.

Anca graduated the Faculty of Economic Studies, French Department, “Business Adminstration” of the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, continuing with a Master in “Business Law” of the Law Faculty from Bucharest in cooperation with Universite de Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne. Her professional experience spans over 10 years.

She worked in multinational companies from various industries, in services area in Sales departments, Customer Care, Partnerships. Among these, Oracle, where Anca had sales management roles for EMEA countries.

Since 2012 Anca is co-founder and member of “Entrepreneurship Workshops” team, project inside Romanian Business Leaders, now reaching its third edition.

Anca is passionate about novelty, people and the development of free initiatives as forms of vocational expression in the spirit of authentic values. She initiated and got involved in various volunteering projects since her undergraduate studies.


Vice President Projects

IMG_3092Georgel VILSAN


Georgel has a masters degree in the Public Sector Management from the Faculty of Public Administration, the National School of Political Studies and Administration. On this occasion, he worked on a paper regarding the implementation by the national authorities of the joined-up government  methodology.

After having worked at Transparency International Romania, he completed  a traineeship at the European Food Safety Authority (Parma, Italy), Quality  Management team. During the studies he volunteered at AIESEC Bucharest  and completed a 3-month internship at Ensight Management Consulting. In 2013, his propensity for entrepreneurship brought him to the Social Impact Award and the Post Privatization Foundation challenge, where his business idea and business plan were selected amongst the finalists.

He started his journey in GRASP at the beginning of 2012 as part of the Grants team and the Dear Romania project. In his current position, he is interested in helping the organisation do the next step in the process of developing and implementing those projects that give to Romanian young professionals the chance to be part of the change that the country needs.


Vice President External Relations




Since the age of nine, given the chance through his father who was as a diplomat, Alex has lived in several countries in the Middle East where he has accumulated a valuable international experience that helped enrich his cultural knowledge, as well as enhance his interpersonal skills.

Alex has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering in Tel Aviv,  and then in 2007 came to London where he graduated with a Master of  Science in Distributed Systems from the University College London. He has  then been working in the development of trading systems in the investment  banking area in London.

Alex has always stayed close within the midst of Romanian students or professionals local communities and in 2010 he joined a few others in setting up the GRASP Local Chapter in London, which he is currently running. For the past 3 years, Alex has run the ‘Romanian Professionals in London’ project which has helped build a cohesive local network of professionals from various backgrounds numbering in the hundreds. Alex is passionate about travelling and has visited more than 50 countries and is now keen on helping set up Romanian professional communities in as many places as possible.


Vice President Finance





Lucia Cerghizan ColorLucia CERGHIZAN


Lucia graduated from the Polytechnic University, Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (Timişoara, Romania) with a  specialisation in Multimedia, and also holds a Master’s degree in  Signal processing.

At present, she is working in Paris as a consultant in the biomedical field.

As founding member of GRASP Paris (2012) she contributed significantly to the deployment of the 6th annual conference in the Project Romania 2020 series themed Entrepreneurship beyond borders. Besides her role in the local chapter she is also the auditor of the GRASP board.



General Secretary

liliana4Liliana GERU


Liliana is a GRASP member since November 2011 and holds the interim position of General Secretary. She is passionate about local community development, cultural projects and she is also a great supporter of cultural values and policies that empower youth and local communities.

Since college Liliana was involved in multiple volunteer activities, actually one of these projects (Young Diplo) led her to the GRASP network. As part of the organizing team, she had the opportunity to develop her professional skills regarding her domain of interest, international relations and diplomacy.

After having completed the International Relations master program at Bucharest University, Liliana was an Erasmus student at the International Relations and Political Science Institute, Vilnius University, Lithuania. Furthermore, she enriched her international network during her internship within the Romanian diplomatic mission in Latvia and Lithuania which was based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
From a professional point of view, she mainly worked in the NGO sector where her tasks ranged from administration to PR and management.


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