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Founded in 2008 by a group of Romanians from around the World, we are a new kind of organisation: a cosmopolitan mix of grassroots network, NGO and social enterprise, fine-tuned to operate on a shoestring budget as a non-profit and non-politically aligned organisation, constantly finding new ways to contribute and add value to the communities of Romanian professionals around the world, as well as to our home country – Romania.

Our main priority is to give back and help our generation understand the value of individual contributions and the power of the collaborative effort to achieve a positive change through connecting Romanian professionals around the globe.

We are headquartered in Bucharest and have local chapters in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Cluj-Napoca, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, London, Milan, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Timisoara and Vienna. Thus we are a first among the global Romanian youth organisations and that’s what makes us truly unique. Through the magic of technology it is possible to overcome any time zone challenge when it comes to our collaboration.

We are group of students, graduates and full time professionals passionate about issues, debating ideas, social entrepreneurship, researching broken policies and coming up with solutions.  Ultimately we dedicate our spare time volunteering for a cause we believe in. Everything we do – every project we manage, every partnership we have and every policy we advocate for is and will continue to be about serving our community and our country, leading by example and building a trustworthy global team of Romanian professionals to bring home the value of their international expertise. 

Our dream is to build a fair and competitive Romania by 2020.

We invite You, all the Young at Hearts, to join us in growing the roots of a better society and building a place in which we can share the same values, respect one another, openly debate ideas, be proud of our schools, compete at a global level and sit at the same table with the decision makers.





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